Concours 14 dyno

Full Systems currently in stock and ready for shipping!! Carbon Fiber Slip-On. Features a 2. Designed to work with the OEM Headpipe only. Very significant reduction in radiant heat as well. The polished muffler body clamps are laser cut from series stainless steel with extruded rubber insulators. Stainless steel T-Bolt clamps are utilized on the mid-pipe and muffler inlet. The rolled edge turndown exit tip is no longer available, but we do have a limited amount available without the rolled edge design.

Each set of components are matched to each individual system to assure precise, perfect fitment. Precise Slip-fit, spring mounting system allows non stressed fitment and adjustability. Large diameter mid-pipe features an Integrated centerstand stop.

Huge power increase from bottom to top. Power increase begins at rpm and carries through to the soft limiter.

Dynojet - Power Commander V - 10-14 Kawasaki ZG1400 Concours

This was with a PC5, mapped, flies in, oem air filter. It also comes with a Plug installed if you do not utilize it.

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Dynojet does not currently have any options available for the - 20 models. Additional increases gained by having the ECU Flashed.

Very low frequency. Full System - An all gear cruising and to the soft limiter sound byte is noted below. Exhaust tone is very deep, low frequency. Sounds awesome. Slip-On - Power increase starts immediately from rpm and carries through peak at rpm.

Very linear. Increase was 5. Our initial testing showed when compared at the soft limiter, an increase of almost 29 hp, 15 tq. This was with a PCV installed, flies in, oem filter. Fuelmoto www. Their baseline was Results were At the soft limiter rpm the increase was almost 35 hp, 19 tq!

Slip-Ons in stock and readily available.Log in or Join. Adventure Rider. Dismiss Notice. Become a site supporter for a free shirt and ad free viewing. Two Brothers has a new exhaust for the Concours Impressive rear wheel performance for a stock bike!

Bubba SatoriJul 30, Joined: Jun 17, Oddometer: 42, Location: Purgatorio. Pretty good. The power to rate ratio is about the same as the zzr Just don't like the look of those slats on the side of the bike. It was kinda cool looking 25 years ago on a Testarossa, but looks sorta gimicky now. ADV Sponsors. NCGSJul 30, MikeyTJul 30, MotorcyclistJul 30, Herknav90Aug 1, I don't know dude.

I think it's very hard to compare a fine italian sports car to a sport touring motorcycle Especially in looks. That's like saying Claudia Schiffer looks like Marilyn Monroe.

Both intriging, but totally different. I like the design. It doesn't look like everyone else. I like the bags too, because it doesn't look like everyone else. I think this bike is a home run for Kawasaki.

I get to see one here in Germany Armed Forces overseas on 10 Aug. They get two in Sep, and I am probably going to put a downpayment on one when I get to see and sit on one 10 Aug. Power, mostly tour, alot of sport I dig it I would rather compare it to the RF This was a sharp looking bike in it's time too OnlyVeesAug 1, The Kawasaki Concours is a legend in sport touring. Other models come and go, but the Concours soldiers on. The first generation ZG Connie as the bike is known to the faithful rolled out of the factory from to with only incremental changes along the way.

Prized for its durability, simplicity and long distance chops, the water-cooled, shaft-driven workhorse came with a full fairing, hard saddlebags and a built-in tail rack. The formula worked, and the long production run spawned robust aftermarket support.

concours 14 dyno

In as a model year bikeKawasaki replaced the ZG with the Concours 14a then all-new sport touring motorcycle. It was still liquid-cooled, shaft-driven, fully-faired and wore hard luggage and a built-in tail rack, but now featured fuel injection and optional ABS. InKawasaki added traction control KTRC and linked brakes, along with some body modifications that addressed a heat issue noticed by some riders.

In the great tradition of the ZG, the new Connie seems destined for a long run with only incremental changes. The Connie is a lot like thewhich was exactly like thewhich was just like thewhich was pretty much the same as the Long story short, if you liked the bike in the past, you'll still love the bike now.

2018 Kawasaki Concours 14 ABS

Take your pick The frame is an aluminum monocoque, a design that's narrow, rigid and lightweight. The fuel tank holds 5.

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Curb weight is quoted at lbs wet. The list of standard features on the Connie is long and impressive: ABS, traction control, heated grips, shaft drive, proximity key, twin hard saddlebags and much more. The The minute I climbed onboard thethe riding position felt just right.

concours 14 dyno

My legs were comfortably bent with my feet on the mid-mount footpegs, and the reach to the bar promoted a slight lean forward, but not enough to put any weight on my wrists. I positioned the electrically-adjustable windshield at the lowest position so that I was looking over, not through, the screen.The market for sport-touring motorcycles seems to have cooled in recent years. The roughly 3, miles I put on the Kawasaki were racked up on just about every kind of paved road there is, and, in fact, one unpaved one that came about as a result of my GPS not understanding Italy.

I put the bike to the test through wind, rain, and snow, and finger-numbing cold. The analog speedometer goes up by tens 10,20,30, etc. I prefer a digital speedo in the modern world of traffic cameras and eager cops. I first became interested in the GTR a few years ago, when I was doing some rider training with an erstwhile member of the South Wales Police.

Long his weapon of choice, he loved the Kawi so much he encouraged his former employer to choose it for the patrol fleet. So, it should come as no surprise that despite its being a meter wide 3.

When you do have to change gears, more sensitive riders may find the 6-speed gearbox to be a little notchy. Slow U turns are a pain, with weight sitting high and making the bike feel unsteady.

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So, the weight of the box may have contributed to low-speed unsteadiness. Kawasaki claim horsepower at 8, rpm, and more than lb-ft of torque at 6, rpm.

Related to that, I found it difficult to adhere to speed limits in those countries that have them. Without the voluminous panniers and top box stuffed full of gear things might have been more relaxed. Back at legal-in-places-other-than-Germany cruising speed, the electronically adjustable screen did a good job of keeping almost all the wind off my 6-foot-1 frame.

Seating is mostly upright but there is very modest lean that oh-so-slightly puts weight onto wrists.

Un884017214/10 (cs34r-6w): commscope uniprise category 6 u/utp cable

Without the wind to lift you, wrists ache after a while. Other buttons on the grip allow you to turn off the KTRC traction control system, turn off the K-ACT linked braking, and scroll through a menu of handy info like outdoor temperature, trip meter, fuel economy, miles until empty, and tire pressure.

Which is a damned shame. The famous strength of a sport tourer, of course, is that it gives the ability to travel long distances to good roads, then enjoy those roads once you get there.In some cases additional inputs can be used such as cylinder head or water temperature as well as gear position or boost.

The Power Commander V has RPM resolution and 10 throttle position columns giving you up to individual mapping points for fuel and an equal number for ignition timing if ignition equipped. This is the kind of "'point specific" adjustability that is necessary with today's bikes and the parts that are available for them.

The Power Commander V gives you the adjustments you need at an affordable price, with the ease of use today's customers demand. Manufacturers occasionally suggest that products be advertised at their suggested retail price. Because our price on this item is lower than the manufacturer's "minimum advertised price", the manufacturer does not allow us to show you our price until you place the item in your shopping cart.

Please note that this does not require you to purchase the product. You can easily remove it from your shopping cart if you decide not to buy it. We realize that this is an inconvenience and are regularly working with manufactures on how their policies impact our customers. Please contact us at Mon-Fri between CST with any questions or for additional support. SKU: Qty :. Free Ground Shipping. Add to Cart Add to Wishlist. Reduced Size less than half the size of the PC III USB USB Powered from computer 9-volt battery adapter is no longer needed for programming 2 position map switching function built in map switch not included Gear position allows for map adjustment based on gear 10 throttle position columns Built in quick shifter adjustability adjustable per gear sensor and shift rods not included Enhanced "accel pump" utility "Warm Up" fuel adjustment unit reads engine temp and allows fuel adjustments based on it Individual Cylinder mapping Analog input allows user to use any volt sensor and build an adjustment table based on its input such as boost For technical EFI information along with detailed product support, please visit our EFI Tuning Models page.

Application List Fitment for Package Dimensions: W May We Suggest. Fuel Moto Decal. Password Forgot Password? FAQ's Check out popular questions. Contact Us We'll reply within 24 hours.Recently we are not experiencing any delays processing and shipping orders.

You can check back here anytime for updates or changes in our operations. We will do our best to accommodate your needs and keep you up to date with any changes. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We encourage everyone to do their part in slowing the spread of the virus. Keep your heads up and be strong.

concours 14 dyno

While this is the time of great uncertainty, we are confident that by sticking together and supporting each other, we will become stronger than ever before. Delivery was quick, free shipping appreciated, a better companion would be welcome by rider fellows as far as I read reviews on the net. Other than that I felt definite upstick in performance and my Thunderbird started to average better. Technical support was far beyond my expectations after I discovered no phone, skype or chat support of any kind.

Reviewed by Man R.

Ivans performance Concours 14 full Akrapovic dyno

Got notable gains down the road, and though I was satisfied with both the chip and their service but they couldn't manage to give succinct direction about hook-up accordingly wiring took longer than expected. Recommended in all other respects. Reviewed by r. I've had this item mounted on my TR-G for about a month and no problems yet.

Should there be update of any kind I'll revise my review.

2015 - 2020 Kawasaki Concours 14 ABS

Reviewed by Jevon W. Got it in sale BF price rise, and so far so good! In my dismay no phone support but they replied even on weekends in a in a wink of an eye. Thx a bunch for free ship!! Chip worked with noticeable but a little less gains than advertized but bear in mind you'd siezed up with wiring if you were not a trained handy man. Reviewed by R. North St. Reviewed by Nachshon A. Brisk plugs fit and worked far better than stock plug. Not much else to say about it.The original ZG, produced for 21 years with few changes, was based on the Ninja and made ready for the long haul with a retuned engine, shaft drive, a tall windscreen, upright seating and saddlebags.

Dynojet Power Commander V Kawasaki Concours 14 2010-2014

The supersport ante was raised for with the Concours 14, which was based on the mighty Ninja ZX—a bike so powerful that it had to be electronically limited to mph to avoid running afoul of European bureaucrats. It hewed to a similar sport-touring formula as the ZG with added modern touches such as variable valve timing, available ABS, an electric windscreen, a tire-pressure monitoring system and KIPASS fob security.

We were impressed by the Concours ZG dig up the April issue of Rider to read our first road testand even more so by the Concours 14, selecting it as our Motorcycle of the Year. Throttle response is crisp and direct, power increases linearly with no hiccups; driveline lash is minimal and dual balancers muffle unwanted vibration. The engine is mated to a slick-shifting 6-speed transmission and a Tetra-Lever shaft drive that eliminates jacking, with everything held in place by a lightweight, rigid aluminum monocoque frame.

Factor in Herculean brakes, taut suspension, cavernous saddlebags and comfortable two-up seating, and the result is one of the greatest sport tourers ever made. Changes for are relatively minor, aimed primarily at further improving comfort and low-speed handling. The fully linked K-ACT ABS has been revised, the first gear ratio is slightly lower and the initial rear spring preload setting is stiffer.

Beyond the new Candy Lime Green color in addition to Metallic Spark Blackcosmetic changes are limited to stainless steel bezels around the analog gauges, double-stitch detailing on the seat and a resin tank pad. Unlike other open-class sport tourers, the Concours 14 still uses traditional throttle cables rather than a throttle-by-wire system.

Which means there are no engine or riding modes, and no electronic cruise control. My long arms reach the grips with ease, putting a slight bend in my back, reminding me that the Concours, like the Yamaha FJR, has a sportier riding position than the European competition. Seat height is unchanged at The passenger seating area is longer and wider, too. A much-needed winter storm blew in during the first day of this road test, and before the tires got any heat into them, raindrops began to splatter onto the windscreen.

On went the heated grips and up went the windscreen; luckily I was dressed for the occasion, covered in Gore-Tex from the neck down. Bye-bye helmet buffeting, a long-standing Concours complaint. The influx of fresh air is a mixed blessing on cold and wet days but provides welcome relief otherwise.

The windscreen is the same size and shape as before, and is retrofittable to earlier models. Wind protection gets a passing grade, but not high marks. Tipping the scales at pounds fully fueled claimedthe Concours is a big, heavy motorcycle, and it feels substantial from the saddle, especially around town and in parking lots. Low-speed, tight-corner handling has always been on the sluggish side, in part because narrow handlebars limit steering leverage.

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The new steering stem seal helps, but only so much can be done without more substantial chassis alterations. The fully linked system has two modes. In Standard Mode recommended for solo and sport ridingthe linked effect is lower during initial lever stroke for more natural feel. In High Combined Mode recommended for touring and two-up ridingthe linked effect is more pronounced, which helps the system distribute braking force front and rear to maintain chassis stability.

The front and rear brakes are still fully linked in both modes, but now, in Standard Mode, the linked effect on the front caliper is lower when the rear pedal is applied, making the system feel more intuitive. Kawasaki has whittled away a few more rough edges on the Concours 14, but it has stopped short of a complete overhaul. Depending on your point of view, that may or may not be a good thing.

While other manufacturers have gone whole hog with riding modes, electronic suspension and other gadgetry that have pushed sticker prices ever higher, Kawasaki has resisted the temptation. Long live the king!

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