Bluetooth not working new iphone xr

If you need help pairing a Bluetooth accessory to your Apple TV, learn what to do.

bluetooth not working new iphone xr

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Contact the vendor for additional information. Turn your Bluetooth accessory off and back on again. Make sure that your Bluetooth accessory is on and fully charged or connected to power. If your accessory uses batteries, see if they need to be replaced.

If you can pair your accessory with some devices but not your iOS or iPadOS device, unpair the accessory from your other devices. The accessory manufacturer confirmed that your accessory is working correctly. Yes No. Character limit: Maximum character limit is Ask other users about this article Ask other users about this article.Read on this post to get some quick tips to fix the common Bluetooth issues in iOS But after upgrading to iOS 14, some unexpected problems may occur.

Issues like broken Bluetooth connections, failed Bluetooth pairing, and Bluetooth audio in the car are frequently reported. We summarize the Bluetooth issues you may encounter. In the following, we will walk you through the potential solutions to make Bluetooth workable again on your iPhone or iPad.

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Make sure that you have the latest version of all the software on your iPhone or iPad. The outdated software would cause some compliable issues. Disconnect the current problematic device, and re-pair it again to see whether the problem has been solved. So, AnyFix is possible to get your iPhone Bluetooth back to normal. Just follow the steps below to do:. Free Download. Step 3: Select a mode to repair your iPhone. Here we take Standard Repair as an example, which is the top choice to fix the most common system issues and no data will be erased.

bluetooth not working new iphone xr

Choose it and tap the button to continue. Once the downloading finished, click Fix Now. Step 5: Then it will start repairing automatically. Once the repair process completed, you will see a completed page. No matter what iOS devices you are using, whether the iPhone or the new iPhone, you can have a try. If you are suffering from some new Bluetooth issue or have some useful ideas, please share with us in the Comment Section. Product-related questions?

Joy Taylor Last Updated: Sep. Part 1. How to Restart an iPhone. Update iPhone Software. Tap on System Repair.If you are a proud owner of the iPhone XR, the chances are that you might be dealing with whopping issues by now; whether it is related to the connectivity, or the performance of the device. Even though the company is working upon a new version of iOS 12no one is sure whether the fixes are going to arrive soon. As an owner of this device, you can always deal with the problems on your own and try the quick fixes.

Fortunately, most of the common iPhone XR issues on this device can be corrected without an update. This guide can take you through a series of fixes so that you can better understand how to deal with them. If the iPhone XR fails to register your face when you try to scan it in a room, make sure that the room is properly lit. Perhaps, you can try to bring the device closer or at the level of your face to solve the issue quickly.

However, the problem can be a little more difficult than usual and a quick fix might not cure them. Here is what you can do with the Face ID issues. If the solutions fail to cure the Face ID issue, you can get in touch with the Apple support center, as there might be issues with the hardware of the device.

Several users are facing problems while connecting the iPhone XR to other Bluetooth devices and if you are one of them, here is what you can do to resolve the issues.

If you still fail to connect the device with the other Bluetooth devices, you can try the following. You can also try to reset the device to the factory faults, for which you have to follow these steps. In most occasions, you may want the iPhone XR to go on functioning normally by pressing the Side or Home button.

Even though the phone wakes up to a fine start when you press these buttons, this device functions as a small-sized computer and you must know that even the best of the computers may slow down sometimes. You may not want to turn off the iPhone for a long time or restart and reset it. However, there are steps you need to follow to check the speed of the device.

FIX Wifi Or Bluetooth Not Working iPhone! (2020)

Understanding the combination of buttons to be used for handling the emergency situations on the device is essential. However, it also implies that you may need to move to another complicated set of buttons to reboot the device.

Here is how you can reboot the iPhone XR. If you are stuck with the device while updating the iCloud settings, you have to perform a hard reset. However, first, you have to force the device to restart, before opting for a hard reset.

Follow these steps:.

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When you follow the above-mentioned steps correctly, the device must reboot itself. Once the power returns, you may want to try again. Due to the problems you may face while restoring the iCloud, the device may create a local backup on the computer and restore the backup to the new iPhone XR. If by chance you cannot back up the data of the device properly, you can look for help on the Apple store. The company has also released a troubleshooting guide in case you face issues during iCloud restoration and you can check them as well to find the appropriate solutions.

If you want to upgrade to the latest version of the OS or facing other issues with the new device, the best you can do is to reset the settings of the phone.

Here is a list of resetting techniques you can follow. Whether you have spoiled the Settings app or you have preferences to go back to the factory defaults, resetting the iPhone is far too easy.

If there is something wrong with the Wi-Fi or if the LTE towers are not working properly, the network preferences on the device may have gone seriously wrong. If you are looking forward to enjoying the network with a fresh start, you have to follow the steps as recommended.Installed iOS 14 on your iPhone and now facing Bluetooth issues? There can be a number of reasons as to why the iOS 14 update is causing Bluetooth problems, though the OS itself does not bring any changes to how Bluetooth works.

Nonetheless, here are some general tips, tricks, and solutions you can follow to fix all Bluetooth woes on your iPhone running iOS Some common Bluetooth related issues that many iPhone users are reporting after updating their device to iOS 14 include:. So try connecting to the accessory with your Mac, PC, or any other device, and see if things work fine or not.

If you find out that the problem lies with your iPhone running iOS 14, here are a few solutions you can try:. If you are running iOS 14, you should wait for another point release of the OS from Apple to see if that fixes the Bluetooth issues or not.

It is quite common for the first build of a major OS to have some issues and companies generally tend to release a point update soon after to fix any widely reported issues.

The above solution should help fix issues such as skipping, stopping, or stuttering while playing music tracks in your car over Bluetooth.

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If none of the two tips worked, you could also try resetting your network settings. A side effect of doing this is that all your Wi-Fi settings will also be cleared, so you might have to rejoin Wi-Fi networks, and configure VPN all over again.

bluetooth not working new iphone xr

Your iPhone will reboot. Once it starts up, try pairing to the device again. This is not ideal, but if none of these tips fix your issues, the last resort is to restore your iPhone via iTunes or Finder in macOS Catalina and set it up as a new device.

This way, you start afresh and get rid of possibly problematic customizations and settings on your device.

iPhone Bluetooth Not Discovering Devices? Here How To Fix It!

Follow the instructions in the post linked below to do a clean restore to the latest version of iOS via iTunes. If you were facing any Bluetooth related issues in iOS 13 on your iPhone and the same issues persist on iOS 14, then it is likely a hardware issue.

Sign up for our iPhoneHacks Daily newsletter to get the top Apple news stories delivered to your inbox. Designed by Blog Consulting. Some common Bluetooth related issues that many iPhone users are reporting after updating their device to iOS 14 include: Bluetooth unavailable or unable to connect to the Bluetooth accessory or car audio Crackling sound Not seeing the Bluetooth accessory Skipping, stuttering of music tracks while connected to car Bluetooth or AirPods.

Disclaimer This website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. The content of this website is not supplied or reviewed by Apple Inc. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners.

Please follow this link to read the complete disclaimer.To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. I have carried out a soft and hard reboot, turned Bluetooth mode on and off, selected forget device, cleared my Bluetooth list from my device Bose wireless headphones and set to pairing mode. However, my phone will still not find the device even in pairing mode. The same things happen when trying to connect to my car and Bose sound bar. Thanks in advance. Posted on Jan 2, AM.

Page content loaded. Thanks for visiting the Apple Support Communities and asking for help with connecting bluetooth devices to your iPhone. I am happy to help. Please verify you are setting this up as per the help article here: Pair a third-party Bluetooth accessory with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support. If you still have trouble, please try the troubleshooting provided in this help article: If you can't connect a Bluetooth accessory to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support.

Also, check this help article for help connecting to your car stereo: If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod doesn't connect to or work in your car - Apple Support. Jan 3, PM. Thanks for the update, but I have tried all of that and even cleared my network settings, but to no avail. Reset the AirPods to ensure the issue is not with them.

Get help with your AirPods - Apple Support. Press and hold the setup button on the back of the case until you see the status light flash amber a few times, then flash white. Place your AirPods close to your device.

Follow the steps on your iOS device's screen. After your data is backed up, I recommend reinstalling the iOS using iTunes. The reason we need to use iTunes for this step is to get a new copy of iOS installed to your device.

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Please pay close attention when you reach step 4. Once your iOS is reinstalled, test if the issue is still occurring. Thanks again and have a great rest of your day. Jan 4, PM. Still no joy. Fingers crossed they will find a solution.

Thanks for the suggested tips. Jan 6, AM. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search.

If you can't connect a Bluetooth accessory to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

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bluetooth not working new iphone xr

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