Arenacross results

For the first time this series, the top spot on the podium went to someone other than Kyle Peters or Jace Owen in the Pro and Pro Sport classes on both Friday and Saturday night. However, Peters came into the weekend knowing he could clinch the championship by just finishing on the podium in the aforementioned classes.

Peters raced all weekend with an injured wrist and was unable to secure first place in any of his finishes, he was able to secure the AMA Arenacross National Championship title on Saturday night. The Pro Sport heat races kicked off the show on Friday and Gared Steinke came out hot and heavy and secured the first-place spot, followed by Kyle Peters 2nd and series newcomer, Geran Stapleton 3rd.

Kyle Bitterman got the top spot in heat two, followed by series newcomer, Tod Bannister in second, and Darian Sanayei in third. The Pro Main brought a lot of action on Friday night. Bitterman came out strong and took an early lead in the race, but fell to the back of the pack after getting tangled up with a Tuff block cover a few laps in. Sanayei took the lead at that point, but ended up going down in the middle of the race after making contact with the wall.

Gared Steinke and Kyle Peters, who had been battling one another all race, then took the top two spots in the race and stayed within a second of one another until the very end. Steinke ended up securing the victory, his first of the Kicker Arenacross series. Peters came in second followed by Skyler Adams in third. This was Adams first podium finish of the series. Bitterman managed to make his way from the back of the pack to finish fifth overall.

The Pro Main brought some drama yet again for Bitterman, despite a strong start off the gate. Bitterman went to pass a lapper at one point and almost took Sanayei down in the process, ultimately falling victim to the attempt himself and crashing in the process. Peters came in second, followed by Bitterman in third and Steinke in fourth.

The first heat of the Pro Sport class was all Kyle Bitterman. Bitterman came out strong and finished strong to secure the heat race. This finish would foreshadow the night to come for Bitterman. Steinke took second in the heat, followed by Peters in third. The second heat was championed by Geran Stapleton, racing in only his second round of the series so far.

He finished ahead of Todd Bannister 2nd and Darian Sanayei 3rd.No minicycle or supermini. We are doing this in an effort to encourage all racers to register online with the early bird rate.

arenacross results

Registration Options available for Kicker Arenacross Events:. You may only attend the Amarillo round by qualifying at a previous round. Protest of age or rider ability must have proof from local tracks score sheets or print outs. Officials may move riders up based on written or published proof that the rider has competed in a higher class. Any verbal harassment or physical abuse of officials will be grounds for permanent disqualification. No alcoholic beverages or illegal substances will be allowed on the track or pit area.

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Riders should not use any of the above mentioned substances before or during an event as long as they remain in competition.

Any rider that is impaired will not be allowed to compete. A rider is responsible for the actions of their Pit Crew.

Infractions by riders Pit crew or associated spectators will be grounds for penalties against that rider. No late practice, one practice per class. We will not be responsible for locating riders for the event. Not everyone makes it to the main. The number of gates on the line determines how many will ride in the main. All racers will race at least two times.

If you do not transfer directly to the main from your heat race, you will go to the LCQ. You must start the main to receive points. DNS the main event results in 0 points. DNF you must complete at least 1 lap past finish line to receive last finishing position points in that race. Kicker Arenacross events are open to all qualified participants without regard to the sex of the entrant.

Each rider is responsible for the actions of his family and pit crew. Any unnecessary trouble caused by these individuals puts that rider at risk of disqualification. All riders and other race personnel must assess for themselves the track, facilities, existing conditions and other matters relating to safety.

Guardianship for Minors:. Drug and Alcohol Policy:. Any such person under the influence of intoxicants or drugs will be removed from the event without refund, by event security. Foul Language Policy:. Track Access Policy:. Any person on the track without a pit pass will be asked to leave the premises. Any person that jumps the rail onto the arena floor will be escorted by security off the premises. Any riders that are in staging or on the track without their bike are subject to disqualification.

Pit Riding Policy:. NO pit riding except to and from the starting gate.Phoenix Racing Honda Team rider Jace Owen found the top of the podium for the first time in a few weeks, and series competitors Kyle Bitterman and Gared Steinke put on some impressive racing performances over the weekend. Heat one of the Pro Sport class kicked off the weekend. Jace Owen came out solid in heat two and found the top of the podium, followed by Gared Steinke second and Skyler Adams third.

Owen continued to ride strong, but Peters was able to win this one. Owen came in second and Zachary Butkiewicz came in third. The second heat was a battle between Kyle Bitterman and Gared Steinke for the top spot, Steinke was able to snag the win, followed by Bitterman and newcomer, Kinser Endicott in third.

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Steinke ultimately did not finish the race, and Bitterman spent the 12 laps battling to move back up the ladder for a spot on the podium. It looked like Skyler Adams was going to hold off Bitterman and take the third spot, but at the literal last second Bitterman charged ahead and came in third. Amid the action from Bitterman, the battle for first place was also thrilling.

Ultimately Owen fought hard and hung out to secure the win. The Pro Main was a little less tame than its predecessor. While Owen tried to press Peters and take another win, ultimately Peters reclaimed his spot at the top of the podium, with Owen followed behind in second.

2020 Amarillo Arenacross Results

Another epic battle between Bitterman and Steinke took place for the third spot, and Steinke, who had been riding well all evening, nabbed the third spot in the class. Heat one of the Pro Sport class on Saturday night followed suit with the evening before.

Gared Steinke continued his strong riding over the weekend in the exciting first heat of the Pro class as he got the win over Kyle Peters. Newcomer Kinser Endicott came in third.

arenacross results

Owen continued his heat winning streak in heat two, followed by Kyle Bitterman second and Franky Martini third. Jace Owen proved to be unlucky and went down during the main, and spent the race fighting his way back up for a spot at the top.

arenacross results

Owen ultimately fell short, and landed in fourth place. Series racer Greye Tate also had some trouble as he faced a shift issue on the pro double that caused him to crash and get landed on. Tate was ultimately unable to finish the race, but he is recovering now and expected to be back for round 10 in Salt Lake City. Kyle Peters continued his win streak in the Pro Main on Saturday night.

Back on his tail was Jace Owen, looking for some redemption after his Pro finish, which he got as he came in second place. Kyle Peters and Jace Owen continue to impress in the AMA Kicker Arenacross Series, but with each passing week Kyle Bitterman and Gared Steinke continue to improve and get a little bit more hungry for a first place finish in a pro main. Kyle Peters, Honda 2. Jace Owen, Honda 3. Gared Steinke, Kawasaki 4.Nitro Arenacross Info.

All of these events will follow the same procedure for a racer to receive a transponder described on this page. A racer only needs one transponder no matter how many classes the racer is in. Transponders can not be shared between racers. If you own your own transponder you may use it but you must provide the number to eScore when you go through sign up.

Obtaining a Transponder: A racer only needs one transponder no matter how many classes the racer is in. Each time your transponder passes over the finish line, the scoring software will know exactly who you are, what position you are in, and what your lap time is.

Rental rates will follow the chart below. If you keep the transponder until Saturday the refund is no longer valid. If you do not rent your transponder until after the Friday night show has started, or Saturday morning the rental fee will automatically be lowered to the one day price.

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Please keep in mind that cash transactions are much faster. If possible please use cash to help keep lines short. We will be open for returns 30 minutes after racing ends each night.

Please try to return your transponders as soon as you are done racing for the day to keep the return lines short. We rarely run out of transponders for sale but it is possible. All transponders received from eScore will expire one year from the day they are activated. At this time the transponder can be reactivated by connecting the transponder to a computer with Internet access using the Flex Manager software. More info on this can be found here.

Lap times Lap times will be available for print at all Nitro Arenacross events. There will be a touch screen kiosk at the eScore trailer that you can enter your transponder number into. The computer will search our system and print the lap times for that transponder number as well as any other transponder that was on the track at that time.

For practice you will get the lap times for your transponder as well as every one else that was in the practice group you were in. If your practice was split into groups you will only get the group you were on the track for. For racing you will get every class you are signed up for.

If there was more than one division you will want to wait for all divisions to be complete so you get the times for all of them. The kiosk will only print each sheet one time. If some one else enters your transponder number you will not be able to print your times again. Knowing this please do not enter any one else's number or try to guess your own number as you may accidentally cause problems for some one else. Results and live timing.The AMA Arenacross schedule has been announced today with the round series getting underway on January 3 in Loveland, Colorado, with top riders from across the States competing in front of national TV cameras.

Tod Hammock, who has operated an indoor motocross series sincewill be the organiser of the series. AMA Arenacross is motocross racing moved indoors, with tight course that place a premium on racer technique, finesse and fitness.

The series will visit seven cities across six states, with doubleheaders at all but two venues. Announcement: Due to the current Covid pandemic, we have taken the difficult decision to suspend all publications in the off-road portfolio, including TMX and Dirt Bike Rider. We will inform everyone when we are able to return via our websites and social media. We apologise for the inconvenience but know that you will understand.

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Image: Kicker Arenacross. An important Dirt Bike Rider update for our readers. SX boss' insight into what needs to happen to complete the season.

Eli Tomac and the Good Ole' Days - new vurbmoto mix. Aaron Plessinger — Isolated.AMA Arenacross Results. Search : Event Rider More Options.

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Start Date : End Date :. Select a Season. Las VegasNV. RenoNV. PortlandOR. WichitaKS. NampaID. DenverCO. AtlantaGA. TampaFL. FlorenceSC. MadisonWI. GlendaleAZ. GreensboroNC. AnaheimCA. Wilkes-Barre TownshipPA. WorcesterMA.

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DaytonOH. Amsoil Arenacross. SacramentoCA. New OrleansLA. SouthavenMS.

Reno Arenacross Results

KansasMO. LouisvilleKY. NashvilleTN.

GoPro: James Stewart 14th to 1st - 2014 Monster Energy Supercross Toronto

BaltimoreMD. Grand RapidsMI. CincinnatiOhio. Amateur Arenacross National Championship. TacomaWA. SalinasCA. OntarioCA. LafayetteLA. OmahaNE.

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BirminghamAL. Colorado SpringsCO. Amsoil Arenacross DenverCO.Though Kyle Peters secured his win the weekend before in Salt Lake City thus sitting out this event in Amarillo the rest of the top five spots in the Pro Series were still up in the air and the racing was as exciting as ever in the final two races of the season. The three put on a heck of a show during the Pro Main in what was easily the most exciting battle of the entire series.

Round 12, the final of the series, took place at the Amarillo National Center in Amarillo, Texas on Saturday night. As usual, the Pro Sport heat races kicked off the show. Darian Sanayei got boxed out by Steinke on the first lap of heat two and was unable to finish the heat race. Darian Sanayei was back for the Pro Heats and won heat one. Kyle Bitterman finished second and Todd Bannister came in third. The race of the night and quite honestly, of the season was the Pro Main. The race started out as a battle between Kyle Bitterman and Todd Bannister fighting for first place through the first lap, with Gared Steinke right behind.

But by the end of the second lap, Steinke had moved into first place, followed by Bitterman in second and Bannister in third. During the third lap, it became clear that this race was going to be a battle to the finish between Steinke and Bitterman. Bitterman moved ahead of Steinke by the end of the third lap and held onto the lead just slightly through lap 10 and almost all of lap 11, but on the final turn before the finish line on the second to last lap, Steinke cut inside and was able to pass Bitterman for first.

Darian Sanayei, who had been in fifth place for most of the race, had slowly but surely moved his way, somewhat unnoticed, into third place by the end of the race. The final lap of the race it almost felt like Steinke, Bitterman and Sanayei were all literally even with one another, it appeared that any of the three could be in first place at any moment.

A thrill to the end, Steinke came in first ahead of Sanayei 2nd and Bitterman 3rd. Steinke finished ahead of Sanayei by 0. Following the Pro Main excitement, Sanayei and Bitterman were looking for a little race redemption when the Pro Main came around.

It came as no surprise that this was yet another battle between Steinke, Bitterman and Sanayei.

arenacross results

Only this time the results were a little different. Bitterman was unlucky on lap one and got blocked on a turn and fell over causing him to spend the race playing catch up from the back of the pack. He was able to get back into third place and make a push for second, but ultimately came up short. Sanayei was able to close the narrow gap from the race before and edged out Steinke for the top spot on the podium. Sanayei won the race, followed closely behind by Steinke in second and Bitterman in third.

Jace Owen 4th overall and Greye Tate 5th overall round out the top five. Sanayei finished seventh overall in the series, after missing a handful of races early on due to injury.

With that, the AMA Kicker Arenacross Series comes to a close, with exciting race action in round 12 to wrap it all up. Darian Sanayei, Kawasaki 2. Gared Steinke, Kawasaki 3. Kyle Bitterman, Kawasaki 4. Geran Stapleton, Honda 5. Todd Bannister, Kawasaki 6. Jaylend Mccarty, Honda 7. Justin Hernandez, Suzuki 8.

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